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The bald and the beautiful. Teen wolf and team MVP. One hairline and six NHL shutouts. It’s Satiar Shah and former NHL netminder Alex Auld. Together they bring you the Canucks Pod where they dive into the stories and issues that matter for the Vancouver hockey fan.

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Mar. 19: Anything can happen
Mar 20, 2020
Mar 20, 2020
Mar. 19: Anything can happen

Sat and Alex bring you a special Canucks Pod from isolation. They talk about what comes next for the league and how anything might be on the table for finishing the season and/or the playoffs. Plus, the guys break down how the effects of this pandemic can bleed into next season in a number of different ways. Auldy also brings the player perspective and the challenges of staying in isolation when you should be gearing up for the toughest time of the year.

They also look back at a couple of the biggest storylines for the Canucks this season and discuss how you can evaluate what the team did this year. They wrap up the show by talking about the college signings the Canucks just made and what to expect from each player.

Mar 9, 2020
Mar. 09: Breaking down the breakdowns and line-up decisions

Sat and Alex discuss the Canucks' latest slump and if they're watching their playoff hopes slip away as they keep dropping points. They break down how the Canucks have trouble breaking down tight defensive coverage and how there may need to be a change in the messaging from the coach.

They also look at how the play at this time of year picks up and how much it can affect a young team. Plus, Sat and Alex give their opinions on the debate of where Loui Eriksson and Jake Virtanen fit in. As well as where Brock Boeser fits once he's healthy.

The guys wrap up by answering your questions in #AskAlexAnything!

Mar 3, 2020
Mar. 3: Defiance, defending, and Demko's development

Sat and Alex talk about the latest bout of the injury bug hitting the Canucks' blue line. With that, the guys breakdown how important Quinn Hughes and his mentality has been to the team. They also look at Tyler Myers and how despite popular opinion, he has been very valuable to the backend.

They also look at Thatcher Demko's performance in net and discuss how different everything is as a starting goalie. Alex breaks down some of what might be going on for Demko, and how it's attainable for him to be better and improve as he learns to handle the added pressure.

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Feb 25, 2020
Feb. 24: Canucks at the deadline and beyond

Sat and Alex breakdown the big news in Vancouver at the deadline, that the Canucks will be without Markstrom as he deals with an injury. They get into the injury and discuss how Thatcher Demko will adapt to a starter's role for the foreseeable future. The guys talk about the move to acquire Louis Domingue over a more experienced back-up. Plus, how the team will need to solidify its play in order to help Demko take control in the crease.

They also look at the moves the rest of the Pacific Division made and how the stretch drive stacks up as the playoff race shifts into high gear.

Feb 21, 2020
Feb. 21: More deadline drama to come?

Sat and Alex break down the Canucks move to acquire Tyler Toffoli and the message that it sends to the team. They look at some growth from management and how they've hopefully learned from past mistakes. They also discuss what the move means for the rest of the trade deadline. The guys look at the recent stretch of games and how the group in the locker room is pushing each other.

It's also the return of Ask Alex Anything as the guys answer your questions that flooded in! Taking questions on improving the defense, more of the deadline, and the Department of Player Safety.